About me

My full name is Vaida Mockevičiūtė. I am a professional at interior design and decorating. During 8 bustling years of my career I have acquired the necessary mind-set for any successful designer, which is to always value the demand of the clientele and to comprehend the unique assets of an individual customer. These are the fundamental principles in order to create a harmonious, aesthetic, however, practical and comfortable environment. I live by the notion that a designer is not simply a creator but also an unequivocal link to a person’s everyday affairs. Speaking about my own self, the materialistic and artistic sides that form a designer are in complete balance, therefore I can effortlessly communicate with contradicting or conflicting clientele and can easily figure out their style of life in order to pick out the best-fitting interior for them. It also helps that I can easily combine contemporary and classical styles. I am often inspired by cutting-edge technologies, exhibitions, travels, theatre shows, however, the ultimate motivator will always be the human itself. I pay exceptional attention to interior details and light installations. It goes without saying that separate interior parts must be allocated in a very precise manner, because each piece brings out the “flavour” of an individual customer, starting with: paintings, family pictures, curtains and the list ending at basic cushions. Metaphorically, these seemingly unimportant details can be seen as crucial spices for a stale and tasteless meal. My ultimate goal is to make each environment I put work in aesthetic, warm and cosy. Interior design is not only a job for me, it is my passion. The skills I possess, such as: creativity, precision, obstinacy, allow me to develop interiors satisfying the expectations of even the most capricious customer.